Launch of the pioneering solution in Portugal

The new technology of the Remote Medical Observation (OMR) solution aims to transform the digital health sector.

On June 07, at the Planetário de Lisboa, Future Healthcare Partners, Insurance Brokers, representatives of the Portuguese Navy, and decision makers and leaders in the Health Insurance sector met at Future Healthcare Virtual Clinic’s launch event for the Remote Medical Observation solution, the first of its kind in Portugal.

The session was opened by Future Healthcare Group CEO & Founder Jose Pina, followed by Director of Digital Health Ana Frade Pina, who was responsible for presenting FHVC with the pioneering OMR solution. These presentations were supported by Ravit Kogman, Director of Business Development EMEA at TytoCare, who shared an international perspective on the solution.

According to Ana Pina, Director of Digital Health at Future Healthcare: This new solution responds to the need to enable remote consultation to approach medical situations that, without this solution, would not be possible to assess as effectively. Through this type of solution, the clinical capacity of remote consultation becomes increasingly closer to that of face-to-face consultation, increasing the reach of digital medicine.

In the exhibition area it was possible for guests to see on-site demonstrations testifying to the value added to Video Consultation. The new technology deployed by the Remote Medical Observation solution, which seeks to transform the digital health sector, was designed to enable video-consultation for an important portion of the medical observations performed during a consultation. The device currently included in the OMR solution allows auscultation of heart sounds, lung auscultation, abdominal auscultation, heart rate measurement, ear canal observation, throat observation, and high-quality image evaluation (namely of the skin), by the doctor at a distance. By way of the OMR Solution, the patient will be guided during the video consultation by the FHVC doctor in using the accessory appropriate for their clinical situation, making the examination possible from a distance and thereby reducing the need to go to a face-to-face consultation.

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