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This document establishes the General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter T&C) by which the use of the website www.future-health.care/en/ , is governed, as well as the hiring from it.

Before using or hiring we suggest you read these T&C carefully. By proceeding with the use, the User is accepting these conditions.

If the User does not agree with the content of these T&C or with the T&C for hiring the services made available by FH, the User should leave the connection with the FH website and/or not contract any of the services offered on this page, respectively.


The website www.future-health.care/en/ is intended for the dissemination and marketing of services by the commercial company FUTURE HEALTHCARE - Serviços de Saúde e Assistência, S.A. (hereinafter referred to as FH), with the NIPC 506518434 , with head office at Av. Marechal Craveiro Lopes, n.º 6, 1700-284 Lisboa;

For any clarification regarding this site or with these T&C of Use and the T&C of Hiring, FH may be contacted through the following means:

      • Telephone: 217 818 283 (local call cost), with office hours from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm;
      • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The use of the website www.future-health.care/en/ presupposes the acceptance of these T&C of Use and Hiring;

Any transactions, of a commercial nature, carried out through this website also presuppose acceptance of the T&C of Hiring inherent to each available service.

FH reserves the right to change these T&C without prior notice, however, the User shall be subject to the T&C of Use and/ or Hiring in force on the date of consultation or contract entered into through the website.


The website www.future-health.care/en/ as well as all its content, is protected under the Intellectual Property Law, in particular by copyright and industrial property rights.

Any use, reproduction or mention of all or part of its content is totally prohibited, constituting a crime when carried out without the prior authorisation of its owner, in this case FH.

The use of the domain of the website or of links to it, for abusive purposes and without prior authorisation, may be subject to the use of the competent legal means by FH.

FH rules out any liability for the abusive placing of links to the website on other pages, for the origin of those pages and for the contents therein. The FH trademark and product names referenced on the website are the property of the commercial company identified under 2. Any use, under any title, of the trademarks and/or logos and/or any other content made available on the website is subject to the express authorisation of the company holding the intellectual property rights concerned.



Access to the website is free of charge and does not require any formalities. Simple access to the website does not imply the establishment of any type of link or commercial relationship between FH and the User. The insertion in this website of information about the services offered by FH is exclusively for informative and advertising purposes, except when another purpose is expressly established.

In cases where the User wishes to simulate and/ or subscribe to a service directly on the website www.future-health.care/en/, the following personal data may be requested from the User:

(I) Name, Surname, E-mail and Telephone and Age (mandatory fields in the case of a simulation);

(II) Name, Date of Birth, Gender, NIF Address, Contacts (Telephone and E-mail), Parentage and Payment Data (mandatory fields only for the purpose of subscribing to a service through the website)

FH does not automatically and without authorisation collect any type of personal information from website users, i.e. Users are not obliged to provide any type of personal information to navigate the website www.future-health.care/en/;

FH reserves, however, the right to collect information which is not of a personal nature and which is intended to optimise navigation on the website.


However, the User may create a Personal Account in order to benefit from a set of additional functionalities, including the possibility of periodically receiving information of a commercial nature or managing a contract.

The creation of a Personal Account presupposes the existence of an identifier of the User as a Client, and the following personal data is requested:

      • Email and respective Password;
      • Name, Surname, Telephone, Date of Birth (mandatory fields);
      • Address of, NIF and Payment Data (mandatory fields only for subscription purposes of a service through the Reserved Area);

All data collected is deemed confidential and is processed automatically.

Its use is strictly subject to the purposes for which authorisation for processing is granted, namely: management of the contract in the event of subscription to a product, provision of the contracted services, billing or other related activities, as well as for direct marketing purposes and electronic communications where expressly permitted;

Some of this data may, however, be transmitted to entities providing services to FH which, acting as subcontractors are bound by the same obligations as FH. FH grants the data subjects the right of access, rectification, erasure, limitation of processing and portability of the collected data, it being sufficient for them to contact the services of FH for the contacts made available in point 2. Or others contained in the Privacy Policy.


All data provided by a User will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, which we recommend that you read.


FH offers the user the following options to pay for services subscribed from its website:

        • Multibanco payment;
        • Direct Debit;
        • Credit Card payment.


By creating a personal account through the website www.future-health.care/en/ the User undertakes to:

      • Ensure the truthfulness and accuracy of personal data;
      • Use only to subscribe to real and not fraudulent services;
      • Guarantee the confidentiality of your access data in order to prevent its improper use by third parties;
      • Making a purchase through this site presupposes that the User is over 18 years old and has the legal capacity to conclude contracts and make payments.
      • Failure by the User to comply with these T&C of Use, as well as with the T&C of Hiring gives FH the right to block or cancel the User´s Personal Account.


The www.future-health.care/en/ site is equipped with security systems in order to guarantee the protection of the data entered by Users, as well as to prevent unauthorised access to them, its improper use, its disclosure, loss or destruction.

The User undertakes to use the website in good faith and in compliance with the law and the rules of use transmitted to them by the Entity and is forbidden from using it for illicit purposes or those which harm FH or the normal functioning of it or the business group to which it belongs to.

Therefore, any communication or transmission of content that infringes the rights of third parties and/or whose content is threatening, obscene, defamatory, pornographic, xenophobic and/or attacks the dignity of persons or the rights of children, the law in force or any behaviour that incites or constitutes the commission of a crime is expressly prohibited.

However the User is responsible for ensuring that access to the site is made through a secure device whose operating system is duly updated and protected against harmful software or computer viruses.

The User is solely responsible for ensuring its protection and security in accessing the site.


In the event that the information provided by the User is not reliable, when the information is incomplete or incorrect, when there is a suspicion of subscription to false or fraudulent services, FH reserves the right to suspend the account and demand from the User the information or guarantees it deems indispensable. If no consensual solution can be found, the account shall be cancelled by FH.


FH reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice , to modify or delete the content, structure, graphic aspect, services and conditions of access and/or use.

The headings of the clauses in this T&C are for information only and will not affect, qualify or change the interpretation of this T&C.
In case of contradiction between a rule contained in this T&C and a rule contained in the T&C applicable to any of the services offered on the Portal, the provisions of the particular conditions of this service shall prevail.
Should any provisions of these T&C be considered null or ineffective, in its entirety or in part, by judicial or administrative decision, this will not affect the remaining provisions.


These T&C´s Use of this website are subject to the Portuguese legislation in force at the time.

        Any conflict or different interpretation shall be submitted to the competent territorial court. If the User resides outside of Portugal, the Portuguese Courts, namely the Lisbon District Court, have jurisdiction.


Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 12, under the terms of Article 18 of Law Nº 144/2015, of 8 September, FH informs that, in the event of a dispute, the User always has the possibility of resorting to Alternative Dispute Resolution entities.

For further developments on this right, namely, to consult the list with the identification of all entities to which consumers may resort to, the User should consult the Alternative Dispute Resolution link on this site.

Updated on 21-04-2020