We position ourselves as specialists in developing and managing medical service plans, health insurance and other healthcare systems, which we make available to the market through institutional clients or directly to the end client.
Coffee Bean

who we are

We are a private, international, independent group. Specialized in the development and management of Health and Life products, our mission is: to provide our customers with the best conditions for health, life and well-being. Founded in 2003, we have our headquarters in Lisbon and offices in Madrid, Bucharest, Warsaw, Quito and Bogota.

Coffee Bean

what we do

We provide our Clients with a broad portfolio of services for Health and Life. We operate through a digital ecosystem that connects clients, healthcare providers and Health and Life insurers.

Coffee Bean

what we build

We build flexible, customized and competitive solutions that generate value, innovation and competitiveness. The development and operationalization of these solutions are carried out in partnership with the Client in order to customize each of them.

Coffee Bean

what we offer

We offer 5 lines of business on an individual, complementary or global basis, which manifest in the development of the products we make available to the market. Through FHNET, a proprietary technology platform, we make product management possible in an integrated and customer-centric way.

our history

We celebrate 20 years of history in the market



Company’s headquarters, leading the digital transformation in the health products sector and developing new solutions for global markets.

Local Brand: Saúde Prime



Improving access to healthcare services to the population in a wide and growing market.



The first step towards international expansion due to proximity and similarities in culture, products and healthcare system.

Local Company: Redsa FH



Providing access to quality and timely care, addressing the gaps in the healthcare system.



Increasing the efficiency and service quality delivered to clients and medical providers.

Local Brand: VidaBuena



Improve effectiveness in the access to health services in a well structured market.