Positioning ourselves as health specialists, we market medical service plans and health insurance adapted to the entire population (individuals and companies). Through a multichannel strategy, we seek to serve the End Client in an individualised way, taking into account their financial and health conditions. In a B2B2C logic, in the case of our institutional customers, and B2C through our Saúde Prime brand.
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We develop healthcare solutions that contemplate product, sales process and customer interaction platforms, adapted to the needs of the portfolio and the distribution channels of our Partners, ensuring an individualised follow-up of each of our customers.

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We support our Partners in developing a complementary line of business, supported by a dedicated team, facilitating the generation of additional revenue. These healthcare solutions add even more value by increasing our partner’s connection with their customers and reinforcing their value proposition through a close, responsive and personalised service.

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Centred on the customer, we focus on developing quality solutions adapted to their needs. Through the multichannel distribution of our products, based on personalisation strategies, we promote the concept of “Health for All”, adapted to each One.


We develop health solutions, centred on the customer, through multichannel distribution of the products created, with the purpose of creating a relationship of trust with each of our Affinity Partners, by extending this concept to their customers.

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The characteristics of the healthcare products created are designed according to the needs of each Partner, always depending on their portfolios, their sales tools and the ways in which they interact with their customer.

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Through a multi-channel distribution strategy (Direct Channel, Online Channel and Agents and Brokers Channel), we provide a set of digital tools that allow us to implement an agile, fast sales process that is aligned with our Partners’ expectations, as well as the comprehensive management of the entire commercial process.

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At Future Healthcare we provide a close, agile and personalised service, ensuring a more dynamic end-customer experience. We provide a complete set of contact channels through various platforms and/or channels.