Focusing on the constant efficiency of the FH Group and its partners.

The Future Healthcare (FH) Group excels in presenting disruptive solutions in all areas of operation. Innovation is in the DNA of the group in a transversal way. In this sense, we share some interesting news.

Focusing on the constant efficiency of the FH Group and its partners, we have developed some projects that will allow a better level of service to the providers integrated in the Future Healthcare Medical Network (FHNET) and end clients. In addition, these transformations clearly contribute to the sustainability of the ecosystem involved in these interactions.

The most recent – Automation of Invoice Processing – which allowed an optimization and speeding up of processes, making faster the payment of expenses submitted by FH Providers regarding health plans and insurance. This project consists in the implementation of automatisms that allow a reduction in processing time and greater efficiency in the work of the involved teams.

Another new feature is the Automation of Authorization Processes, through the FHNET platform. Also in this area, we have optimized and streamlined the processing, thus allowing for greater efficiency and speed in the treatment of processes. The Authorization process, when submitted on our platform, can be duly authorized more quickly. In a few minutes, both the provider and the end client will have an answer to their plan and health insurance authorization request.

Particularly dedicated to our end customer we share a new feature – Online Reimbursement, a simple, secure and online process. To do so, the customer simply has to access Reimbursement/Expense Submission in the Client Area.

We develop technology with the innovation and sustainability of the FH Group in mind, but above all to improve processes that we share with our Partners and always with the aim of providing our clients access to the best health, life and well-being conditions.