In the year in which it celebrates twenty years of existence, Future Healthcare repositions itself in the market with five lines of service, which are available on an individual, complementary or global basis.

These business lines are the pillar of the services offered to the market as a specialist in the development and management of medical service plans, health insurance and other health systems, which are provided to institutional clients or directly to the final client.

Each service line has its own value proposition. Learn more about each of the areas in which we operate: Operations, Technology, Risk Management, Distribution, and Digital Health.


  • Configurable TPA solutions for insurance and medical service plans
  • Management of processes such as medical authorizations, reimbursements, and hospital billing, with real-time decisions through FHNET
  • Full integration with our partners’ operational strategy
  • Focus on quality to provide excellent service to the end client


  • Cloud-based, modular, and scalable solution – FHNET
  • Embedded high level automation and artificial intelligence mechanisms
  • Efficient management of interactions between all players in the healthcare ecosystem
  • Special emphasis on financial flows and clinical information

Risk Management

  • Design and operation of turnkey solutions, broadening our portfolio of specialized and innovative insurance products for Institutional Clients
  • Support in product development from idea generation to market launch
  • Licensed to underwrite health risk classes under the Free Provision of Services regime


  • Health Specialists with medical service and health insurance plans tailored to the needs of individuals and companies
  • Addition of a business line and revenue stream, which reinforces our partner’s value proposition
  • Multi-channel strategy to support our “Health for All” approach

Digital Health

  • Customer-centric digital health solutions focused on prevention and health promotion
  • Multidisciplinary clinical team for integrated healthcare
  • Our own clinic – the Future Healthcare Virtual Clinic
  • Improvement of customer experience through proximity and accessibility