As we celebrate 20 years of activity in the sector, we highlight the projects that we consider to have been decisive for the fruitfulness of the Future Healthcare Group (FH), which we share with a great sense of pride and commitment.

After the foundation of FH, our first milestones were the creation of a medical network with a robust nationwide coverage and the creation of our own technological platform – FHNET. Next, the TPA business model and the upgrade of FHNET were equally important steps. In 2017 the company started its internationalization process, ultimately launching its digital health services in the midst of the pandemic, strengthening these services through digital solutions and tools that empower patient observation in video consultations. FH has recently developed a technological solution that, in its first stage, expands its Medical Network to Spain. End clients will thereby now use the Future Healthcare Medical Network in both countries, regardless of their country of origin. In the near future, the Group intends to expand this solution to the other geographies where it already operates.

On the occasion of Future Healthcare’s 20th anniversary celebration, April 2023, we asked each member of the Executive Committee to leave us a message regarding the theme “What do these 20 years of FH mean?”. They are enthusiastic messages of gratitude. See them See them here.