The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has had a profound impact on our lives and routines.

Today, adapting requires decisions that can affect the coming weeks or even years. The future is right around the corner and together we can take steps with hope, ambition and imagination, on a personal and professional level.
In this context, we are proud to introduce the Future Healthcare Virtual Clinic, as part of our response to the changing landscape triggered by the new coronavirus. The Virtual Clinic was born in Portugal and will soon be available in the other countries where Future Healthcare is present: Spain, Poland, Romania, Ecuador and Colombia.
Future Healthcare Virtual Clinic’s video consultation is provided through its native digital platform. This integrated digital platform takes care of all the process, from the scheduling of the consultation unto the ending with the doctor’s video-consultation.

Why the Virtual Clinic matters

With the Future Healthcare Virtual Clinic, it is now possible for patients to obtain treatment quickly and conveniently. The Virtual Clinic is a meeting point: doctors and patients coming together in promoting access to health care, at home or in any other space, in a safe and comfortable way.
Through remote video consultation, we provide more people with access to the medical care they need. Digital access to medical appointments is part of our contribution to the improvement of overall health conditions.

What is a video consultation?

Our video consultation service is provided by General Practice doctors, as well as doctors from other specialties and health professionals, when personal examinations are not required.
To carry out the video consultation, a computer, smartphone or tablet / ipad is the sole requirement.

How does it work?

At the Virtual Clinic we offer consultations in General Practice, Psychology and Nutrition, in addition to many other diverse medical specialties. We offer an integrated solution that includes the ‘normal’ operating process of a traditional clinic: booking, eligibility checking, billing, amounts payable, and invoicing. Prices per consultation will vary in accordance with the insurance contracted by the patients. Customers without insurance will be informed of the corresponding amount in the video consultation.

This is an appointment-based service, which gives patients the opportunity to address topics such as the treatment of chronic diseases, medication, postoperative surveillance, evaluation of complementary diagnostic tests and answer any doubts.
The security and privacy of information is paramount. With our platform, we protect your personal data, and guarantee the privacy of your relationship with our partner doctors.

The launch of the Virtual Clinic is a milestone in our mission to add value to the healthcare ecosystem, bringing together doctors and patients. Innovation is part of our DNA and, with your help, we can take another step to develop the future of healthcare, today.

Future Healthcare Virtual Clinic
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