With an already solid track record, established by anticipating new trends and adapting our portfolio to new demands and needs, Future Healthcare Group, funded in 2003, has just released a new website with an improved design, navigation experience and an innovative redesign in the service portfolio.

The launching of this website brings forward and newer and more complete structure to Future Healthcare solutions. In order to move along with the most recent Health and Life Insurance market demands, Future Healthcare Group has developed and updated its portfolio of services, based on its main focuses – medicine, innovation, risk management, information technology and financial services – thus generating value and increasing competitiveness in the insurance markets.

The Future Healthcare portfolio of services was conceptualised in a modular way and with the main objective of tending to diverse needs in the realm of managing Health-, Life-, and Healthcare Systems Insurances:

  • Digital Health
  • Medical Services
  • Insurance Portfolio Management
  • Managed Services

All the services provided by Future Healthcare fall in one of two categories: Software as a Service (SaaS) or Third-Party Administrator (TPA). A full migration and adaptation to the processes and image of the Corporate Client is guaranteed, in any business model and within all the models of the solution.

With this update in our offer, Future Healthcare Group aims to answer three goals:

  • Provide customers with an exceptional experience in all their interactions with the Insurance Company or Healthcare System, by responding to the current needs and expectations of the digital consumer.
  • Improve the technical results of the Company through optimisation of their cost control processes with health-related expenses, namely by reducing excess, preventing fraud, implementing audits and risk management assessment.
  • Decrease administration costs in the Health sector, via a platform that is fully integrated with the Company’s core systems, allowing for a high level of automation in operational processes.

With the recent redesign of our solutions, we feel fully equipped with the tools to meet the demands of an international expansion, started over three years ago in five other locations (Spain, Poland, Romania, Ecuador and Colombia) and established now as a result of virtualisation and digitalisation.

Digital Health

Future Healthcare has, over the last years, been a leader in the process of transformation in the market, by introducing new services and coverages. From a clinical point of view, we aim to guarantee better tracking and support to all the beneficiaries, investing in the development of Promotion of Health and Prevention programmes.
As such, we have developed a line of service – Digital Health – that offers integrated solutions of digitalisation of care, easing the interface between customers, health care providers and payers and with the ultimate objective of democratising integrated, humanised, specific and sustainable health care services.

Medical Services

One of the most important aspects of managing Health or Life Insurance is the provision of healthcare. In that sense, Future Healthcare warrants the management of an ensemble of services that allow all customers access to high quality healthcare and well-being services. This is ensured by developing both coverages that allow customers to improve their benefit plan, and medical networks that give them access to benchmark healthcare and medical providers.

Insurance Portfolio Management

Under the Health and Life Insurance portfolio management, Future Healthcare has developed all its processes based on its technological platform, available in the Cloud and based on open standards, enabling full integration with our Institutional Customers’ systems. We strive to provide solutions to all needs, from product design, to subscription process, and, ultimately, to a thorough management of all the operational and clinical processes that Life and Health Insurance entails.

Managed Services

The growing demand in the Health and Life Insurance market has given rise to an increasing pressure onto our Corporate Customers – on one hand, the need of transformation of sales and operational processes to dematerialised ones; on the other hand, the need to be able to predict consumer and provider behaviour and health care expenses trends to better manage client bases.
To cater to these demands, Future Healthcare has developed a set of management services and tools, complementary to its courses of action.